Hijacking the Trust Fund

We can expect to see some fancy wordplay at tommorrow’s Public Hearing as the Board trys to justify their warrant article changing the Maintenance Trust Fund from one only to be used for unanticipated (emergency) items to one that can be used on any project the Board wants.  No longer will they have to ask the taxpayers each year if they want to spend money on a particular project.  New Building?  Football Stadium?  Who knows?  The sky ‘s the limit.  Luckily this will require a two thirds vote to change, so tell them no tommorrow and more importantly tell them no at the polls!

4 thoughts on “Hijacking the Trust Fund”

  1. So they want us to add another $100,000 to the fund that already has $250,000 in it and then they want us to let them spend it on whatever project(s) they decide, whenever they want? Have they been vacationing in Colorado?

  2. To the Voters of Hillsboro and Deering: I urge you attend the deliberative session for the Hillsboro-Deering school budget. It will be held Feb. 3 at 6 p.m. in Hillsboro-Deering Middle School cafeteria. (The snow date is Feb. 4.)
    Three points to consider:
    1. We should reduce the proposed budget, which is $19,948,285, by $500,000. The new budget would be $19,448,285.
    2. Voters should know that the school board plans to eliminate the current trust fund for unanticipated maintenance costs, which is overseen by elected trustees. The board wants to rename and re-purpose this fund to a capital improvement fund. The board will have complete control of what improvements will be made and the power to spend the fund money for said improvements. If so, capital improvements with no longer be warrant articles, and voters will have no vote in how this money is spent.
    3. The U.S. national average cost per student is $10,615. The state average is $13,459. The Hillsboro-Deering average is $15,933. I wonder how much of this money is spent on improving the quality of instruction for students, considering our academic standing is so low.

  3. It appears that we know why the change in the Maintenance Fund was needed. It was really all about Football

  4. I would like to know how Hillsboro- deering schools spend more per pupil than seacoast tows scoring 9s and 10s? I am also wondering with Deering sending so few pupils to the school, what is the percentage of cost deering must be taxed? Is it 50% or is it per student. I moved here last year and 14 thousand in taxes for low scoring schools makes me believe sending Deering kids to another school district at a per pupil cost is better for tax payers, and our kids. 3s are not acceptable . I need an official to sit down with me so I can understand the break down. I also believe that the conservation money should not be received from estate taxes/ monies. The conservation committee should have to request money with a plan and a warrent article. The money needs to go to tax relief and should not be directly going to the committee. Tax payers in Deering are paying night rate in the state.

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