MS teachers, Goals, No Bus Schedules

At their regular meeting on August 25th (moved from the 18th), the H-D School Board heard an explanation of the hiring of two new MS E/LA teachers.  It was explained that there was not an increase in overall teacher positions as the hires are replacing a Social Studies teacher and a Math teacher who had resigned.  The new teachers will be teaching 6th and 8th grade reading which is being added to the schedule (doubling the E/LA time for the students).  Apparently there are enough SS and Math teachers to cover all classes.  Not clear what those teachers were teaching last year.

The Board also spent time discussing “Goals”.  This is an exercised Boards and administrators do from time to time to appear to be doing something.  With all due respect, it is pretty simple and shouldn’t need to be redone every few years.   The school’s job and therefore it’s goal is to teach the kids and they should do so in a fiscally responsible manner.

The Board also neglected to bring up the approval of bus routes.  Usually done at a meeting in August, it appears that those on the Board who would prefer that this be left to the administration have gotten there way.  School started with routes put out by the administration and the Board had no input.