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SAU: Send an Administrator to College Instead of our Kids

In typical fashion, the SAU Administration, with the Board’s blessing is presenting an increased budget again.  And one of the big “drivers” (to use one of their favorite catch phrases) is proposing to almost double the tuition reimbursement for Administrators to work on their doctorates.  Never mind that many of us have to struggle for our kids to go to get an Associates or Bachelors degree.  Never mind that they already are earning some of the highest salaries in the town,  Never mind that the line item was already double the amount that is allocated for our teachers tuition reimbursement on a per capita basis.

Don’t you all feel sorry for these poor administrators.  Aren’t they more important than our kids.  Come on folks, get your priorities straight.

Budget Proposal of 3/4 of a Million $ Increase

Break Open your Wallets.  The School Administration is at it again.  Monday night the administration presented the School Board with it’s proposed budget for next year.  In what was scheduled for two meetings so the Board could ask questions and inform itself the Board hardly blinked at the increase, cancelled the second meeting and closed the meeting after about an hour and a quarter.

The majority of the increase was attributed to Court Imposed, Out of District Special Ed placements.  Claiming no ability to do anything about them, the Administration added them to the current budget that apparently has a $400,000.00 hole due to these placements.

Where were suggestions on ways to cut other items to help pay for these?  Apparently non-existent.   With fuel prices down, perhaps the Maintenance Budget could be looked at?  Nope, apparently that needs a $25,000.00 increase and a new truck on top of that.

How about staffing?  The Board kept two unneeded teachers this year when they couldn’t stand up to crying teachers at a Board meeting.  With Student population down another 25 students this year, it’s time to make some tough choices.

Please call your Board Members and tell them to wake up.  We can’t afford this any more.

Lowering the Budget

When deliberating the budget tonight I would urge that voters consider the following items in the budget for cutting:

1. – $40,000. – Approximate – Cost of ES Para that Budget proposal explained would result from combining an Office Para with an SSC para. The amount was not taken from budget however.

2. – $29,000. – Amount of increase for new computor equipment. Note this is just the amount of the increase. Still left is about $95,000 – the amount in the current budget. In addition remember that last June a portion of the ‘surplus’ was spent on new computors.

3. – $25,000. – Amount of increase of “Maintenance and Repairs’ line. Again this leaves the amount at $180,000.

4. – $4,000. – $12,000. – MS Field trips. Increasing this line $4,000 when it’s current amount of $20,000 for 3 grades of kids is about double that for the ES ($12,000. for 6 grades) or HS ($10,000 for 4 grades). Some might think this should be cut back to $12,000. – similar to the amounts for the other schools.

5. – $60,000. – Approximate cost of one ES teacher. One grade currently has 58 students spread among 4 teachers while 3 teachers would be appropriate per current policy (Try to keep under 20 per class).

6. – $13,000. – ? Professional Development. While 13k proposed increase this year might not seem like much, that is on top of last years increase nearly doubling from $88,000. to $165,000. (And how did they manage to do that with a flat budget?)

7. – ? Raises for non Union staff such as administers. Most of us still arent getting raises as the economy spuitters to a hopeful recovery, yet the district continues to give yearly raises. Can’t they get by on the same generous salary as last year just once?

It seems to me that with this quick list as a start, and with a few more items not increased we are getting close to the amount of the proposed increase. Let’s keep it level (the same as last year).

Hijacking the Trust Fund

We can expect to see some fancy wordplay at tommorrow’s Public Hearing as the Board trys to justify their warrant article changing the Maintenance Trust Fund from one only to be used for unanticipated (emergency) items to one that can be used on any project the Board wants.  No longer will they have to ask the taxpayers each year if they want to spend money on a particular project.  New Building?  Football Stadium?  Who knows?  The sky ‘s the limit.  Luckily this will require a two thirds vote to change, so tell them no tommorrow and more importantly tell them no at the polls!