Budget Proposal of 3/4 of a Million $ Increase

Break Open your Wallets.  The School Administration is at it again.  Monday night the administration presented the School Board with it’s proposed budget for next year.  In what was scheduled for two meetings so the Board could ask questions and inform itself the Board hardly blinked at the increase, cancelled the second meeting and closed the meeting after about an hour and a quarter.

The majority of the increase was attributed to Court Imposed, Out of District Special Ed placements.  Claiming no ability to do anything about them, the Administration added them to the current budget that apparently has a $400,000.00 hole due to these placements.

Where were suggestions on ways to cut other items to help pay for these?  Apparently non-existent.   With fuel prices down, perhaps the Maintenance Budget could be looked at?  Nope, apparently that needs a $25,000.00 increase and a new truck on top of that.

How about staffing?  The Board kept two unneeded teachers this year when they couldn’t stand up to crying teachers at a Board meeting.  With Student population down another 25 students this year, it’s time to make some tough choices.

Please call your Board Members and tell them to wake up.  We can’t afford this any more.

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